This year we were excited to launch our pilot preschool yoga program, Youthful Yogis. The program is built upon yoga, fundamental movement, and play principles to keep young children engaged and having fun while learning how to use their bodies. This program focuses on strengthening, stretching, breathing, body awareness, and an increased mind-body connection. Our main goal of this program is to provide a healthy outlet for emotional expression and control. Some of the other benefits of yoga for children as young as three include:

• Safely improving strength and flexibility
• Improving coordination, balance, posture
• Learning to relaxation techniques
• Expressing creativity and imagination
• Improving self-esteem and confidence
• Learning important social interaction skills
• Developing emotional balance

What yoga pose makes you smile?
Our students are always eager to learn yoga poses, just like mommy and daddy do! In our yoga classes, we teach our yogis age appropriate yoga poses like downward dog, tree, cobra, chair, and more. We encourage them to feel where each pose is strengthening and stretching to enhance body awareness. We even tie the poses together to create sun salutations. In addition to learning yoga traditions such as poses and breathing, we incorporate games, story books, and activities to encourage cooperation, imagination, and enjoying the present moment and process instead of competition.


The Atlanta Ballet: Firebird

We loved hearing from many of our dancers about their exciting trips to the theater to see The Nutcracker in December. It inspires our dancers when they get to see the professional dancers, costumes, and productions. We believe that it is important to expose our dancers to famous ballets. In December we shared the story and music from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker and in January we shared Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake with our dancers.

The Atlanta Ballet will be performing Stravinsky’s Firebird from April 14-16, 2017. More details can be found here


March is a very exciting month here at Studio Go! We are in full swing of preparing for the May recitals. We are excited to announce this year’s recital theme, “Sweets and Treats!” This month during class, your dancers will begin learning dance choreography to perform at the recitals. In addition to learning choreography, we continue to reinforce dance technique and stage procedures. Our dancers are always excited to have an opportunity to try on their costumes this month as well.
Sweets and Treats

Be on the lookout for a notice coming home with your dancer announcing the date, time, and location of their recital. We will also be posting posters at your school with recital details. As the show approaches, we encourage you to check to make sure that your dancer’s tights and ballet and tap shoes fit comfortably. Check out our website for dancewear for your child.

We are excited to announce that Amore Photography will be taking photos of your dancer in their recital costumes on Saturday, March 25 at Studio 668 Atlanta (668 11th Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318). Please reserve a timeslot by clicking here. There will be many different photo packages available for purchase.


As an effort to make dance more readily available to our dancers, we like to share dance events in our community from time-to-time. There’s one this weekend that we think could be worth checking out!
Dance in the Community
Atlanta Science Festival: Mathematics in Motion

Check out a free math and dance event for all ages presented by the Atlanta Science Festival on Saturday, March 18 at 5:00pm and 8:00pm at The Neighborhood Ballet (749 Moreland Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30316).

The event description describes the event as an “innovative way to illustrate mathematical concepts through movement, and to use math to inspire improvisations to create choreography. Three mathematicians, five dance artists and two musicians collaborate with a live audience in order to research a new summation of artistic expression and explore the educational application of dance, music, and math. Through the play of dance improvisation, the team hopes to find new ways to educate and engage the public about mathematics and dance composition.” Run time is 45 minutes. This event is free but you can still reserve tickets by clicking here:


For the love of dance! Learning to show compassion for all!

During the month of February with Valentine’s Day upon us, we explored the concept of showing compassion for others. Studio Go believes in teaching our students to accept and love everyone. We use teachable moments that arise in class to demonstrate and explain the fundamentals of compassion such as encouragement, kindness, and understanding.
For the Loveof

With the recitals right around the corner, we also used the month of February to reinforce concepts and dance moves that will be used during the recitals. Ask your dancer about what it means to switch rows on stage or to take turns going across the floor. They’ll know what you mean!