Happy New Year from Studio Go! Our theme for January is “Leaping into the New Year”. Depending on the type of class your child is in, he/she will either be focusing on Swan Lake or Leaps, jumps and tricks.

BarbieSwanLakeOur Ballet and combo classes will take this month to learn about Swan Lake. We’ll take a few minutes of one class to read a very shortened version of the story. They’ll dance to the beautiful sounds of Tchaikovsky. and will use their little imaginations to perform their own version of the beautiful ballet.

Our syllabi are progressive. We sometimes get asked why your child is still doing plies and releves. Dancers always do plies and releves! This is true, even if he/she one days dances with the New York City Ballet. However, we begin to layer on and make things more complex. For instance, instead of piques, your child may now be doing pique, pique, pique, passe, tendu, close first. The combining of technique helps prepare them for learning recital dances next month. They’re also working on more complex formations and patterns of movement.

In Hip Hop it’s all about leaps, jumps, and tricks. They are literally leaping into the New Year. We’re kicking it up a notch with their tricks and adding them to fun music. Their combinations are becoming more challenging and this is aiding in recital preparation for the dances they’ll begin to learn in February.

We’re so excited to be dancing with you in 2017! Next month we begin to work on our recital preparations (can you believe it’s already that time?) and it’s going to be great. We have some new things we’re trying out this recital season, and we can’t wait to share those with you closer to time.

Thank you for sharing your children with us!


As we enter a new year, it’s a great time to reflect on the past year. 2016 was good to us. From a business standpoint, we continued to expand and improve and we grew into a new market (Chattanooga, TN). From a personal standpoint, it was one of the best of my life. I welcomed my first child and became a mom. I’m not sure how 2017 could live up to 2016, but I can’t wait to see what it has in store.


As a little girl all I wanted to do was dance. I also wanted to be a lawyer and be famous. I long ago realized that being famous wouldn’t be ideal. And, as for the lawyer thing, I couldn’t sit still long enough to make it in a traditional job. Thankfully, I was able to make a career out of moving. While I can’t speak for everyone at Studio Go, I think it’s safe to say that most of us pinch ourselves that we get to dance and have fun for a job.

I don’t believe in “resolutions”, but I certainly believe in goals. I have several goals for Studio Go for 2017. My top goal is to continue to maintain our integrity and our level of personalized customer service while we continue to grow. I also plan to assess what is working well, what can be improved upon, and what needs to be changed in order to best serve our customers. And, finally, I want each parent to feel like their child is receiving the best in dance education. After all, it isn’t just about learning dance. It’s also about being a part of our Studio Go family.

As we move into 2017 our first big undertaking is that we are expanding into the Athens area. Classes will begin on Monday, January 16th. We’re currently offering classes at Athens YWCO and Oconee Preschool Academy. We have a Managing Director who is local to Athens and she will provide the same level of personalized service that we do here in Atlanta.


We have several other exciting things in the pipeline for 2017 as well and we can’t wait to share those with you as we roll them out. I know that 2017 is going to be a great year. My hope is that 2017 is also a great year for each of you. Thank you for continuing to entrust your children to us.

From Studio Go, and me personally, best wishes for a prosperous, joyful, and healthy New Year.





December is one of my favorite months of the year! Our theme this month is Sugarplums and Dancing Dreams. As I unpack all my holiday decorations, I am taken back by all the ballerina ornaments I have received over the years from my students. It reminds me of all the little ones that have danced their way into my heart. The little girl that was so shy but dance brought her out of her shell, the little boy that loved everything about dance, and the tiny one that was a star from the time they entered the class for the first time.


All I ever wanted to do was dance! I was not interested in playing sports or an instrument. Dance was my dream, my love, my everything! I am honored that I get to instill my love of dance to the children of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Dance taught me so much over the years and even to this day it is still teaching me about myself. Dance teaches us to be a team player, etiquette, musicality, grace, poise, and the beauty of an undying art form. I know that here at Studio Go, we are not only teaching our students about dance but we are instilling in our students to be great people of this world. To be kind, love your neighbor and to understand you don’t always get everything you want. My big phrase I use in classes is, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset!” My students understand that and know that in class we don’t get the color beanbag or scarf that we always want. I like to teach them to understand that all colors are beautiful and maybe next time they will get the exact color their heart desires. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my little ones!

If you’re looking for an experience to take your dancer to this holiday season, treat them to the see The Nutcracker. It’s a holiday tradition and one we believe they will love. It’s amazing to sit and watch their eyes sparkle as they see those dancers twirl and leap across the stage!

From all of us at Studio Go, we wish you a very Happy Holiday. We can’t wait to see all of our dancers after the holidays as we begin to gear up for our upcoming recital season.

Dancingly Yours,

Ms. Robyn


Every month we rotate our syllabus to incorporate a “life lesson”. In the month of November our theme is “Happy Feet, Thankful Hearts”.

While we realize it’s important to teach your children dance, we also realize that dance can teach them so much more. Gratitude is such an important lesson for these little dancers to learn. Throughout the year we end every lesson with our version of reverence. The students thank their teacher, the teacher thanks the students, and we all thank one another (“thank you, friends”). Instead of saying “here” for roll, we may ask the students what they’re thankful for. Sure, we get several “toys”, “the beach”, etc., but the overwhelming response is “family”.

At Studio Go we have a whole lot to be thankful for as well. I’m sure if you asked any of us, our first response would be “family” as well. As for me, I welcomed my first child this year, so I have something extra to be thankful for. I am blessed to have a supportive husband, a happy and healthy baby, 2 crazy dogs, a wonderful family and great friends. The icing on the cake is that I get to do something I love, something that I am passionate about every single day. It truly doesn’t get better than this!

To our customers, family, and friends, thank YOU!

With sincere gratitude,



”Tis the season of cooler weather, cardigans, “pumpkin spice,” and less bugs! I don’t know about you, but that less bug part is my favorite thing about Fall. I mean Summer and Spring are cool and all, but if I could have them without bugs, I would have moved to a tropical location a long time ago.

Since moving down south, I’ve never been a fan of Fall. To me, it’s mostly germs and colds, but on the bright side it’s also cozy nights snuggled up drinking Hot Chocolate. Yeah, I’m a Hot Chocolate kid/adult. The coffee thing just hasn’t really been my thing. Most of my friends, family, and coworkers swear by it, or at least some form of espresso, but it just tastes funny to me.

Okay enough about that, let’s talk about the super important things that are going this month. Well I should have said thing (singular), because all we have now is HALLOWEEN!!! A time to truly let your imagination run wild and allow all your dreams to come true. Yes, even as an adult I think you should let your imagination run wild. (I mean I do teach children under the age of 10 so that very could be a reason.) I’ve been having a hard time trying to decide what I should be this Halloween. Do I go with something edgy (Eartha Kit Cat Woman) or do I play it safe and go as a cartoon character (Susie Carmichael from Rugrats All Grown Up). I know super tough decisions!

This month your children have been learning about perseverance and determination through dance. We understand that sometimes things get hard and especially when you’re young if you don’t get it right away, you might not want to keep trying, but there’s no need to give up. In the dance community, we know that you’ll probably hear “no,” more often than “yes.” And that okay, because when you are told yes, it makes all the no’s worth it!

We aren’t just teaching them Ballet, we’re also teaching how to be great people!

Happy October!!

Miss Toi