Fall greetings, dance friends!

I don’t know about you, but I am THRILLED for the coming fall weather! Our area is so breathtaking during the autumn months, and I cannot wait to enjoy the changing landscapes around us.

As an artist and creative thinker, I am always so inspired by the beauty portrayed in a tree as it shifts, evolves, and grows throughout this season in particular.  Incorporating fall themes into my classes is something for which I am very excited. For instance, we will be pretending that our scarves are leaves, we will perform our grand jeté leaps over pumpkins and of course we will be listening to songs like “Here Comes Sweater Weather” and “Falling Leaves”! I hope your dancer is looking forward to welcoming the fall months as much as I am!

At Studio Go we like to recommend books to our dance families so that you as parents can reinforce a love of dance with your children at home. We feel privileged to walk alongside parents in their journey of raising children that are intrigued by the arts! With that said, this month I would like to introduce you to “Firebird,” written by Misty Copeland. As most of you may know, Ms. Copeland is a ballerina for the history books! She was the first African American woman to become a principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre. As ABT is a 75 year-old institution, this was a ground-breaking accomplishment for both Copeland and the world of dance. She is an absolutely stunning ballerina! I suggest you drop everything you are doing and race to YouTube for a quick education on all things Misty Copeland. I am obsessed!


Firebird” is the perfect introduction to the concepts we will be covering in the coming weeks at Studio Go. We are moving into a section titled “Fall into Dance, Learning Perseverance and Determination.” In her new book, Copeland weaves a story about a young dancer, who is unconfident in her capabilities and hesitant to perform.  Misty, in her years of wisdom and experience, motivates this young lady and teaches her the necessary characteristics of a great dancer, including hard work and determination. Any child will benefit from hearing this story!

Between the gorgeous autumn scenes being painted for us outside right now and the fabulous book from one of the greatest artists of our time, I hope you are inspired to both create and persevere! Keep dancing!

— Mrs. Lauren




It’s that time of year again! If you’re like us, you’re finding it hard to believe that summer is over and it’s time for school already. We have 2 new Studio Go babies, 3 new teachers, 1 new program (Yoga), 8 new locations, and we’ve expanded into a new market (Chattanooga). It’s a lot of change and we’re excited about the possibilities in 2016-2017.

The ladies of Studio Go

The ladies of Studio Go Atlanta

We recently had our annual Fall Meeting at The Georgian Terrace. It’s always great to get together, and we love to discuss ways to make our classes and programs even better. One of the things we’re most excited about this year is new technology for our teachers! This year everyone was given their own iPad Mini. This is a great resource and will give teachers access to 1000’s of songs to choose from for class. Each month our Artistic Director will push out new music to the devices as well. This is perfect for our monthly theme. In addition to music, we provide training videos on the devices, content teachers can use/show in class, and teachers are able to take rolls that are automatically sent to our office.

This is just another small way that we try to stay current with trends today. We believe that by staying current we are providing a better service to our customers, as well as staying on the forefront of our industry.

What else is new? We continue to modify and improve our syllabi. This summer Mrs. Lauren, our Artistic Director, and I revamped our teacher manuals. There are monthly and annual benchmarks to ensure that each class is learning at an appropriate pace. The teachers have creative reign day-to-day and week-to-week, but now have set goals that they are to achieve. This will help us streamline communication with parents so that you have a better idea of some things your child is working on in class.

We’ve also added a dance tote to be included in our registration fees. One of the most frequent things we hear from parents or locations is that children misplace their dance attire. While this won’t eliminate the issue, we hope that each child having their own Studio Go dance tote to take to class will cut down on some of the occurrences. As always, labeling your child’s belongings is the best solution!

You now have the option to pay your tuition monthly, semesterly or annually at most locations (a few may vary). The annual option provides you with a 10% discount. We are continuously working to improve upon other areas of the business. New coloring sheets and activities will be created to go along with our monthly lesson themes. We’re working on our social media presence, as well as this blog and our “Dancing Cover-to-Cover”monthly book suggestion. The goal is to provide a peek into the classroom, as well as add value outside of dance class. Our developers are working on making enhancements to the parent portal to offer more information and options to our customers as well.

Our office and staff are constantly evaluating the business and we love feedback from parents, schools, and students about ways to improve. We strive to provide a value to our customers that they couldn’t get anywhere else. After all, it isn’t about being the biggest, it’s about being the best! If you have any suggestions, we are always open to feedback.

We look forward to rolling out some of these new enhancements, and we look forward to seeing how else we can improve. 2016-2017 is going to be our best year yet and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Happy Dancing,


From all of us at Studio Go, happy New Year to each of our dance families! We are super excited to be back on the dance floor with your dancer.

Our theme for the month of January is “Leaping into the New Year, setting dance goals of better jumps, leaps and tricks!” Studio Go instructors are working hard to further our dancers’ knowledge of jumps, hops and leaps in each style of dance we offer as it is a pivotal skill, no matter the genre. Class playlists are spiced up with songs such as “Jumpety Jump,” “Jump Around” and “You Raise Me Up.” We are certain that your child is having a ball while learning all about sautés, grande jetés and other fun tricks!

Also during January, we are highlighting the famous ballet Swan Lake. Originally fashioned from Russian folk tales, the story of Princess Odette is sure to mesmerize Studio Go dancers across Atlanta. Our staff will be reading a book about the ballet in class, while providing Swan Lake music and creative dance opportunities to the kids. Tchaikovsky wows us once again with his fanciful musical scores written purposefully for the art of ballet and we cannot wait to share it with our students!


Speaking of a book, Studio Go is proud to announce our January book of the month “Barbie in Swan Lake!” We highly recommend this portrayal of the story for young kids. The artistically detailed pictures make for a captivating depiction, and Barbie is the perfect character through which to recount the ballet. We hope you will add this book to your family’s collection!

Happy leaping! Love, Miss Lauren


Keeping up with our December class theme, our monthly book pays respect to The Nutcracker. Our book for December is “Tallulah’s Nutcracker”


This is such a sweet book that is perfect for the holiday season. Tallulah has been chosen to be a mouse in the upcoming performance of The Nutcracker. She is determined to work hard and be the best mouse that she can be. Unfortunately, just like in real life, things don’t go exactly as planned. Tullulah ends up humiliated, but quickly has help to overcome her shame. This is a great story to teach little ones how to overcome embarrassment when things don’t go exactly as planned.

Not only does the book have themes of hard-work, dedication, perseverance, and overcoming embarrassing moments, it also has beautiful illustrations and develops a great ballet vocabulary for the young dancer.

We hope you enjoy this book and the holiday season!



Our November book of the month is “Dancing in the Wings”, which is about Sassy, a girl who doesn’t quite fit in with her classmates. Sassy is tall, gangly, and has big feet. Sometimes the other students even tease her. However, this doesn’t stop Sassy. She has a dream to be a ballerina and she has the determination.


This is a great book for young children. It addresses that teasing is an unfortunate part of childhood, but it also shows that you don’t have to be like everyone else in order to fit in. It is also a wonderful tool to celebrate our differences and show that drive is more important than any obstacle.

We hope you enjoy this uplifting tale about celebrating differences and following dreams!