“Madi really LOVES ballet! She looks forward to class every week, so thank you for making this first dance experience such a positive one for her over the years!”

“I have known Leah for three years both as a colleague and as my son’s movement teacher at the Alefbet preschool. As a teacher in the preschool I have had the opportunity to observe Leah’s professional skills as well as interpersonal style. She is always pleasant and full of energy, with a big smile on her face. In her class she makes sure to welcome each child and provide individual attention. The children love her and look forward to her class every week. The classes include both a mix of routines that the children love and new activities and music from week to week to keep expanding their skills.
Leah has been very professional in working with the rest of the staff at the preschool in cases where children are delayed in gross motor skill development. She has provided good advice in helping us with activities to encourage development in needed areas for these children. ”

“My child’s teacher was kind and patient-a natural with children. But what makes her so special is the way she would go out of her way to make each little girl feel like a beautiful ballerina princess. She has a joy and passion for what she does – and it’s infectious! She truly knows how to nurture a love of ballet in little girls.”

 “We have been very fortunate to have had you as her teacher for the past three years. Sarah loves you and looks forward to “Tutu Tuesday” (as we call it) every week. You have been such a positive role model for Sarah these past three years. She wavers between wanting to be a Rockette or a teacher for either kindergarten or dance.”

“My daughter was taught by Miss Leah in preschool and kindergarten. She adored her teacher and loved the classes. They made ballet and tap fun and were very nurturing to the students. My daughter always felt special and learned more than we expected for her age.”

 “I can’t express how thankful I am to you and what you mean to Bella.  She loves you so much and I’m sure she will continue her love of dance because of the foundation you’ve given her. She will miss you immensely.”

“Our daughter adores your class and enjoys it a great deal (we get to see it a lot at home!)”

“Our daughter Ema enjoys your classes a lot and tends to count time as “until ballet class”. Thank you for being so nice and patient with our little girl, we appreciate you very much. “