Elementary Tap Ballet

Dress Code

We recommend you purchasing your dancewear directly from our class list. This will ensure your items are appropriate and everything is shipped directly to you. There are many options that are reasonably priced. Please click on the link below:


Girls: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black tap shoes. Skirt is optional. Boys: White top, black shorts/pants, black ballet shoes, and tap shoes. (Please label all dance attire)

Class Description

Tap Ballet is our elementary (5 and up)Tap Ballet program. The class is a combination class split with 30 minutes of Tap and 30 minutes of Ballet. This is a great class for the young dancer who wants to learn the fundamentals of both Tap and Ballet. Classes touch on both warm-up and technique of both disciplines, as well as proper arm, leg, and foot positions. Studio Go’s Tap Ballet program is a progressive program that introduces more complex technique and patterns of movement to challenge the elementary student. These classes are perfect for both beginners and the more serious dance student. Our teachers are prepared and evaluate where each student is at to make sure that all students are both comfortable and challenged at the same time.

Age Requirement:

5 & Up